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Receive SMS As Soon As We Update Charts Twitter id - FIADVISOR

Follow Following Steps

If you wish to receive SMS notification from us as soon as we update site, then follow the following steps..

Step 1- Open Twitter Account.

Visit and open account If you already has twitter account then you can skip step 1.

Once you visit home page you will get image as shown above, then click "Sign up for twitter" then fill are the required details like your full name, email address password , choose yourusername and then click button "create my account"


Step 2- Adding our Twitter Id- FIADVISOR.

Once you created twitter account then you need too add our twitter id Type "FIADVISOR" or click here to visit direct to our id

once you click on your id it will take you to our page and page will look as shown above.

Step 3- Follow us

One you visit our twitter page then click on button FOLLOW once you click on button it will then be showing you FOLLOWING as shown in image below.

Step 4- Tweets From us.

As soon as you be following us, you will start receiving latest updates from us on your twitter id. but if you need to receive SMS notifications of our tweets on you mobile then kindly follow further from Step 5


Step 5- Receiving SMS notification on your mobile.

To receive SMS notification from us you first need to Setup us you mobile. For this click on setup button (Small circle) next to Following , then a small drop down will open and then click on button Turn on mobile notification. as shown on image below

Once you click on "turn on mobile notification" then a new pop up will appear saying "SET UP PHONE" then click on button SET UP PHONE as shown in image below

After clickinig on set up phone button a new window will open and on that page you need to enter your mobile details as shown in image below

as shown above kindly choose you correct country/region and then type your phone number and choose your correct carrier like airtel , aircel, BNSL... and then click on button activate phone as shown above in image.

Once you click on button activate phone.. Then new page will open saying to send text message (standard charges may apply plz confirm from your operator) as shown in image below.

You need to send SMS to activate you mobile. (Its a process confirming that number belongs to you only). Once you activate you mobile you will start receiving daily SMS tweets from us.

For any further info you can visit twitter support site. Visit Link :- click here

PLZ NOTE:- We do NOT send any SPAM messages. All messages are only related to our website only.. You may turn off notification on the same set up window from where you have activated SMS

For any query plz do write to us at or call or SMS us at +919871831396


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